LBJ at Bob Sacker Oval off Mahoney’s


It was another crisp early spring late arvo at the oval across the road from our house and LBJ was having a whale of a time with about a dozen other dogs. He’d run around with the other dogs for a bit then follow me as I walk the parameter of the oval. We dont have too big a window to do this as it gets dark a bit after 6 and I have to get home to get dinner ready for Tress and Kiddo, but we both enjoy this time tremendously. Soon the cricket would be starting so we may not get to use the oval as often too.  At just over 2 years of age, Scruffy is no longer the youngest fellow there.  I started to get to know the other dog owners when Kiddo started getting busy with school work (VCE is only less than 2 months away now) and can’t get Scruff out as often. Last couple of days I found myself looking forward to our walks – probably no where as much as the little black jedi but it was enough to prod me along.

PS – calling Scruff “LBJ” and saying we were at the oval, sort of gave WordPress the impression this piece is about “All the way with LBJ” and the Oval Office… hilarious!



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