LBJ at Bob Sacker Oval off Mahoney’s


It was another crisp early spring late arvo at the oval across the road from our house and LBJ was having a whale of a time with about a dozen other dogs. He’d run around with the other dogs for a bit then follow me as I walk the parameter of the oval. We dont have too big a window to do this as it gets dark a bit after 6 and I have to get home to get dinner ready for Tress and Kiddo, but we both enjoy this time tremendously. Soon the cricket would be starting so we may not get to use the oval as often too.  At just over 2 years of age, Scruffy is no longer the youngest fellow there.  I started to get to know the other dog owners when Kiddo started getting busy with school work (VCE is only less than 2 months away now) and can’t get Scruff out as often. Last couple of days I found myself looking forward to our walks – probably no where as much as the little black jedi but it was enough to prod me along.

PS – calling Scruff “LBJ” and saying we were at the oval, sort of gave WordPress the impression this piece is about “All the way with LBJ” and the Oval Office… hilarious!



New Model Needed (Brilliant Skit)

If the ABC was Relevant (Part 44) (a John Clarke, Bryan Dawes skit).

(The  Customer)

[Scene: A car yard. BRYAN is perusing the stock.  He is approached by  JOHN]

John:  Morning! Looking for a new car?

Bryan:  Nope. Prime Minister, actually.

John:  You’re the third one this morning. Anything in  mind?

Bryan: You  know…….. nothing fancy, reliable, economical family model.  Something to get the country from A to B.

John: You  mean like a Howard?

Bryan:  Yeah….a little Johnny. Nothing flash, does the job. Low  maintenance, economical, sensible. Runs for years, no  troubles.

John:  So…. you used to have one?

Bryan:  Yeah. About 10 years. Great little model – don’t know why I got rid  of him – biggest mistake I’ve ever  made ….

John: What  happened?

Bryan:  Traded him in for a Kevin 07.

John: Big  mistake…

Bryan: Lot  of people bought it. Good political mileage.

John: How  was the Kevin 07?

Bryan:  Came with a $900 factory rebate – that was  good.

John:  Anything else?

Bryan: Not  much. Sounded nice but nothing under the bonnet. It was a  lemon.

John:  Didn’t stick around for long did it?

Bryan: Nah  – had a factory recall. Shipped overseas and was never seen  again.

John: What  was the problem?

Bryan:  Lots. But the final straw was the navigation system. Plug it in and it automatically loses its own way.

John:  Whatcha got now?

Bryan:  It’s a Gillard-Brown.

John: The  hybrid?

Bryan:  Yeah. The Eco-drive system – not a good idea. An engine that can’t deliver hooked up to a transmission stuck in permanent  reverse…

John:  Green paintwork with a red interior. And steering that always  lurches to the left for no apparent reason – that’s the  one?

Bryan: The Fustercluck model.

John: The only one they made, Bryan.  Not the vehicle of choice for the road to  recovery – but did they finish up fixing the navigation system?

Bryan:  Made it worse.  Turn it on and it does a press release, heads off in  all directions and goes nowhere.

John: So that’s why you’re here?

Bryan:  That’s right. I’m stuck with a government that’s wasteful,  expensive, ineffective and past its use by date.  I don’t suppose  you’ve heard of the “Cash for Clunkers” scheme?

John: Join  the queue brother.