Home Reno? Forget Supa

We’ve been toying with the idea of renovating our home, as opposed to looking for another one. The idea was to get ourselves a place with another living area. A house down the street from us  just had something done and we liked what we saw so we asked them to come around to discuss some design ideas and get a feel of the budget involved.

Extensions Unlimited had someone ring me, came over, and provided great service in terms of letting me know what’s involved, what’s possible and what’s not advisable, etc. The professionalism and courtesy from them was terrific and if I do proceed, they would definitely be considered.

Having heard about the SupaGroup on the radio, I thought I’d also contact them. They rang, we teed up an appointment and all was looking ok until I got a call from a Sales Rep, basically saying the job’s not what they usually do. They tried to be polite about it but the bottom line really is, the job’s not big enough for them. This sounded really strange, especially if you look at this page which describes what they do. The Sales Rep had said SupaGroup doesn’t do renovations, just extensions. Yeah, that’s right.  I mean, have a look at this page – on SupaGroup website:


Why move when you can renovate ?

The home you are living in is most likely the home your family has grown up in.  It’s been the scene of so many unforgettable family parties and events.  Your driveway is probably the place where your children took their first wobbly bike ride, and your street has become familiar as the back of your hand.

Why would you every want to move ?  Particularly now that Supa Group Constructions can help turn the house you’re living in now into the dream home you have always wanted.

Our designers willcreate practical and stylish proposals that:

  • Maximise space
  • Effectively fuse your existing floor plan with the new renovation
  • Satisfy your everday usage needs
  • Captures the ambience of your existing home
  • Creates a setting for a new lifestyle specifically based on your ideas and Dreams

We have been thinking about converting our car port into a double garage, creating a front entrance, and building a new rumpus where our deck on the side lawn now sits. These are the main works, and at the back our minds, we were also thinking another bathroom. Sure, it may not be massive work but aren’t these sort of works precisely those within the sort of stuff described in their website? Why agree to an appointment and then call to basically say sorry your job’s too small, albeit euphemistically conveyed? All of the goodwill possibly generated by their promotional expenses on radio etc just got shot in a 2 minute conversation. Even if Supagroup provides a superior quote for me, I’d have to now think really hard before I would even contemplate going with them. Supagorup has a really strange sales practice. Not bad, not unethical, just really weird PR approach. Maybe it was just the Sales Rep being lazy. Never mind, just cross SupaGroup off my list – hopeless group, not supa for sure.


Marriage and Family – Dont LIke The Old Model? Think Again

Gay Couple with child
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A report by a family law professor has found “…adverse impacts on Australian children of the rapid changes in family structure, including the rise in parental separation due to divorce and the breakdown of co-habiting relationships.”

See the news articles here and here.

That law professor is Patrick Parkinson from Sydney University and was a key policy advisor which shaped the Family Law Act 2006. The report was commissioned by the Australian Christian Lobby and you’d expect sneers arising from this to suggest somehow the report may therefore carry less weight but any reasonable consideration must not ignore the expertise Professor Parkinson brings to the subject.

I’ll make the obvious extension to same sex relationships. I have alluded to this in earlier entries, going back some years now, but it needs to be said again. We don’t know yet what the abandonment of traditional nucleus family of a heterosexual relationship, legally married, does to the well being of children and society as a whole. This model for a nucleus family is being abandoned principally to accommodate individuals who prefer to decide for themselves what is – or feels – right. That appears to be no different to what Eve and then Adam did in the Garden of Eden. It’s the age-old issue of rebellion against God and putting ourselves up as gods instead. Some call that sin.