IPCC – Religious Sect or Scientific Community?

Global Warming
Image by mirjoran via Flickr

The climate change question is starting to look really farcical to me. If anyone – especially a lay person – is really interested in finding out if there really is global warming caused by human beings, at least of the sort which requires major modification to our industries and consumption, he can do a lot worse than start at this site (“Watts Up With That?”).

The scientists at IPCC are more politicians – the sort who elbow each other in a corporate environment to jostle for pole positions – than scientists. They stack peer review committees with fellow converts, and would not admit any views from the other side, even when such views are presented in normal scientific papers with normally accepted standards. If you only preach and listen to the converts, these puppies are more akin to climate change high priests of a closely guarded sect than an open scientific community.

At best, it is an issue for which the jury is still well and truly out. Why wreck the economy and livelihoods for this rubbish?