Gillard inching closer to Najib Razak

Julia Gillard‘s telephone call to John Hartigan to spike a story by Glen Milne of The Australian, brings her government ever closer to the style of the UMNO Government. Both face certain doom and are living on borrowed time.

See this piece.

The point of the story was her judgment of people around her. Her involvement with Bruce Wilson, someone convicted of embezzlement of union funds, ought to speak volumes of her ongoing support for Craig Thomson. Thomson’s position as one of the 76 (together with the monkeys aka independents) no doubt is the bigger dimension here but the bottom line is her judgment.

Julia Gillard has as the sort of baggage Najib Razak is probably familiar with. Scorpenes submarine and Altantuya Shaaribuu are of much darker varieties to taint Najib Razak but Bruce Wilson and Craig Thomson, with their union rubbish, smell almost as bad.

Certainly, calling newspaper editors to control what the public reads, is a stench no Australian Prime Minister should share with a Malaysian regime.