Apple Loses Jobs


Steve Jobs has resigned. Will Apple continue to shine or will it be Googled over now…


Faith in union official repaired

I was just listening to Neil Mitchell on 3AW and Kathy Jackson, the Health Services Union Secretary, was responding to his questions in a refreshingly straight and honest manner. What a change – a breath of fresh air. She was also on ABC’s “Lateline” last night and here’s the transcript.

Kathy Jackson said she and the union formed a view that there was misuse and misappropriation of funds, and she and the union formed a view as to who the perpetrator was. She said however that as the matter was being investigated, she would not name the person. Neil Mitchell concluded the interview by telling his listeners that the person was obviously Craig Thomson.

Kathy Jackson also urged (in the Lateline interview) Fairwork Australia or the police to provide feedback quickly. It is disgraceful for Fairwork Australia – stacked by Labor Party appointees, according to Michael Smith of 2UE in the Paul Murray Live program on Sky News last night – to have taken ages (a couple of years now) to investigate this allegation when a first year police officer would have concluded it in weeks, if not days.

My mistrust and dislike for union people has been abated by the likes of Kathy Jackson. Those workers of menial jobs in hospitals and related services appear to have someone genuinely concerned with protecting their interests.