Lorikeets or Rosellas? My God made them all.

Were they lorikeets or Rosella? It was probably just after 5 last night when I was putting away the tools and lawnmower and tidying stuff into the green bin, when first one bird and then a flock of maybe 3-4, flew past, probably lower than they usually do. They looked extremely beautiful and their presence is always a comfort that the flora and fauna in the neighbourhood is in good nick.

How does one tell the difference between the two types? Both are about the same size and very colourful. They make a lot of noise – is this a differentiating trait? I must remember to look it up some time.

It was such a fantastic end to a gloriously sunny afternoon. After weeks of wet and gloom that have come to characterise this winter, yesterday was a huge invitation to be outdoor and Tress and I accepted it with open arms, and spent the entire arvo in the garden. When it was all done, I had a quick shower and after a glass of chilled white (still an SB) I was so relaxed I begin to doze off. Just at that moment, I was really grateful. Life felt good at that moment. It was like a glimpse of heaven crisply felt. Life can get really good by the simplest of pleasures. God‘s creation is fantastic.