Ambiga Sreenevasan stares down sorry UMNO

I was just catching up on Malaysian news this morning (given I am relatively free now) – on 9 July a big rally is planned for free and fair elections, by a movement known as “BERSIH” (Coalition for Free and Fair Elections).

The main champion for this is Ambiga Sreenevasan, an ex Skrine lawyer who now has her own firm. She was the one who received the US Secretary of State‘s Award for International Women of Courage Awards presented by Hillary Clinton. She is a much respected lawyer in Malaysia.

As usual, PERKASA is making very bad noises to threaten the rally. They have organised their own march against the rally. As usual, the government warned against the BERSIH rally but police has given permit for the PERKASA march – usual rubbish by Malaysian police and government.

It doesn’t require someone of Ambiga’s stature to show up the intellectual and moral pigmies who make up UMNO, the ruling Coalition that is BN and the hangers on who line their own pockets in keeping these morons and bandits in power.

But when she does appear on the scene, the UMNO and BN look downright pathetic.

Its henchmen in PERKASA sound even more stupid and oafish, the sort of fools who are dangerous for thinking they aren’t.

I am thrilled with the efforts of Ambiga and those who stand with her, and BERSIH. I hope my friends who will be in Malaysia on 9 July, take caution but be courageous and stand against the folly, thievery and moral contempt that UMNO and BN wallow in.

That a person like Ambiga should stare down the cretins in UMNO will be particularly riling.

In this brave, intelligent and honourable woman is an amalgam of elements twerps like Ibrahim Ali and others in his pack cannot stand, and certainly do not expect to be a formidable foe.

She is an Indian, a woman and a lawyer. Together, these elements embody the definition of a nemesis for the brand of hackneyed form of bigotry which has been tiresome and should have been gotten rid off with the C4 their master is wont to resort to.

Most of us are sick of them and would sooner spit them out and flush them out of our lives altogether. My disdain for their ilk is such that when I cease to loathe them I would safely claim victory in my personal strife in my journey as a Christian. It would be a miracle of Lazarus proportions for me to cease despising this lot with utter abomination. They are my cross.

For now, I am quietly enjoying the moment when someone like Ambiga Sreenevasan quietly and with dignity, give these gnats the flick.


5 thoughts on “Ambiga Sreenevasan stares down sorry UMNO

  1. I have never been racial. Today when you said that we malays are racial.. I think I will definitely teach people around me to be racial. Gone are the muhibbah days and tolerance!!!!


  2. Where in this piece does it say anything about Malays being racists? Thanks to UMNO and their rule, education has long gone down the tube, such that a simple piece cannot be read and understood. Please do read again and let me know where in this piece the reference to Malays being racists can be found.


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