Nicole McKechnie: I Shot The Sheriff…

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I first heard “I shot the Sherriff” from Eric Clapton. I dont think I ever heard the Bob Marley original version. I think Nicole McKechnie the ex Media Advisor for Victoria Police, just did. Shot the Sherriff.

The news that Simon Overland has resigned as Chief Commissioner has long been coming. The discrepancy between his statement and that of his Media Chief is probably the last straw and given that one of them must have been lying and given the swathe of others in dispute with him in recent weeks, it was untenable for him.

Simon Overland has long come across as being too close to the Labor Government. His dodgy crime statistics to make the Brumby Government look better, was always a stink which would come home to roost. I dont think it is just the police. The judiciary, long massaged by Labor to be left leaning and dishing out nanny like molly coddling decisions, is another black mark.

Federally, the Garnaut Report and the likes of Tim Flannery and the Treasury under Ken Henry has come across as too political. They are meant to be independent experts but their left leaning tendencies are all too clear and they are only too happy to be aiding an unprincipled and mangled federal Labor Government.

If only Simon Overland is just  the first of these public servants to go for doing other than objective and independent work.