In this corner – Ben Shapiro and Sarah Palin…

First it was Ben Shapiro. Now it is the futile attempts to dredge dirt through Sarah Palin’s emails. I think the chest-beating rhetoric of the left leaning entertainment and media hacks have to think about formulating responses. Ben Shapiro’s Primetime Propaganda outed what many have suspected for a long time – that prime time television has a deep seated left ideologue mantra running through it. Anti Vietnam themes, feminism, gay rights and lampooning right wing politics are all core themes of sitcoms, movies and documentaries from Hollywood.

I must admit I often let these themes coat me over without any serious reflection or thoughts.

Take the Tina Fey impersonation – belittling – of Sarah Palin. I’d laugh along and probably believe most of what Tina Fey suggested Sarah Palin said or think.

Apparently the line that Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house was entirely fictitious – made up by Tina Fey. There was no disclaimer however and that has now become popular folklore. Sarah Palin may not be the brightest or most sophisticated but how many of us are?

The 24,000 pages of emails journalists trawled through in Alaska – in the obvious attempt to find more material to either fuel night time stand up comedians or discredit any attempt by her to stake a position against the left – suggest she is just an ordinary hard working and decent family person, with perhaps one big difference from those who stand against her. She has traditional moral values and she is not afraid to speak up for them. She may have flaws and may have made mistakes – how many of us haven’t – but that she strives on in spite of these flaws, speak of her strength. Those journalists went through extraordinary lengths to find damaging material. Is this what left leaning liberalism represent?