Frosty Grump

It has continued to be cold, in this only the second week of winter. The thermometer has struggled to go past 10 deg all day. During lunch, I took a walk for a couple of blocks around the office and basically tried to be a little bit more active after sitting down for the most part in the morning. I didn’t have my coat with me – so I had my shoulder hunched with hands stuffed in my suit jacket pockets but thankfully I had a scarf which I think I might see a lot of this winter.

In this sort of weather, it is easy to see how lonely Australians succumb to a depressive state. You look out and it is grey, windy, wet and cold. If you get out it will all hit you simultaneously – the wind, rain and cold – so you either don’t stay out too long or you don’t get out at all. Indoor, the heated air and white fluorescent light keeps the air stale and the environment cold and lifeless.

When you leave the office after a day’s work, you walk down wet and slippery footpaths and board the crowded public transport, often filled with tired, cold and uninterested passengers.  You get off at your stop, walk yet more leave strewn wet and dark footpaths and head for home. At your front door the leaves are scattered across your porch and when you finally let yourself into the house, you are confronted with an equally cold house. It is also dark and you turn on the lights and heater and put on the kettle. Sometimes you reach for a glass and a corkscrew instead, depending on what you needed to do that evening.

If you’re like me you soon settle down at a desk, reading material on the left and writing material on your right and you continue to work albeit at a different outcome. My desk lamp is yellow so at least that is a little brighter. I’d sip from either my coffee mug or wine glass and begin working. You put aside all other thoughts, or try to. You try not to think of the fact that the whole cold, wet and windy conditions would repeat the next day and you remain in a cycle, in groundhog day mode for as long as these weather conditions remain.

Late that night, you’d leave your study room or desk, refill the glass and settle down for a quick winding down in front of the television before climbing into bed about half an hour later, waiting for the next day when it’d start all over again. Am I being grumpy and cold …

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