Grey Day… and cold!

Owner of a lonely heart

I’m home – cold, feeling miserable as I look outside at the grey, wet and cold conditions. Struggling to get some work done. Tress is having dental surgery done under general anaesthetics so I have taken the day off to just be around apart from being the chauffeur, and maybe make some hot soup later. Maybe I’ll go out and get a badly needed hairy, just to get into a warmer place away from this cold, wet and grey environment. Cant stand a grey day. Near depressing.

Just over 2 weeks now before kiddo heads off to Europe. There’s an info session tonight and I really dont want to go out in these conditions but it’s important I do I guess, so I have to head off into the city on my day off, for an evening meeting. I dont know why the teacher can’t just disseminate the information over an email or something. Sometimes I feel like we truly are living in a nanny state where everyone bends over backwards to come across as doing the right thing. Maybe it is just me being grumpy on this grey day… I need to see the sun…