5 Deg (feels like 2 deg)

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That’s what my weather app is saying about Forest Hill now. No wonder I’m freezing my watuzi off. Why is it so cold? Or have I just become old?

I was just at Kiddo’s school for an info/briefing session for her trip to the old world. It’s now just over 2 weeks before they leave and everyone is excited now. I had to trek into the city and in this weather, it wasnt fun. The traffic was bad, it was cold and, I’m not the one going to Europe in 2 weeks.A 6pm meeting meant I had to cut across the city circa 5.30pm – the worst possible time to be in the St Kilda Road area. Thankfully a cold night meant there was plenty of parking available so that took some of the pain away. I was a little late and when I approached the theaterette where the talk was being held, the crowd was already there and it had started.

Kiddo reserved a seat just next to her and I sat down and tried to get into the mood of things. Thankfully I managed that.

Apparently it will be hot in Italy this northern summer. What a treat it’d be for kiddo, if even to just get away from this cold and wet winter in Melbourne. It would be a trip she will enjoy and remember very fondly I’m sure. I’m really happy for her. If nothing else, she’d get away from this cold for a few weeks. Why is it so cold? Or am I just old?