Second Attempt Does It for Li Na

Chinese Tennis player Li Na on the opening day...
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Li Na won the French Open ladies’ title last night and while I dont normally watch a ladies’ tennis match I stayed up last night to watch this one. It was the second Grand Slam final Li Na has managed to get herself into, after losing to Aussie Kim in Melbourne Park earlier this year. This time, she beat the lady who stopped Sam Stosur last year, Schiavone – she of the Ah Hiiiii infamy – and became the first ever Asian to win a Grand Slam singles title. I had to watch this one for that reason and it was well worth it.

Well done Li Na, and may there be many more players from China and the rest of Asia, to add variety to the tennis scene. The commentators on Sky made some negative remarks about the both Li Na and Schiavone’s English language proficiency but why should that be an issue at all. Tennis has ceased to be an English speaking countries‘ game for a long time now and while 3 of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments may be hosted in English speaking countries, the players’ proficiency in that language should be no issue whatsoever. One day, commentators may need to be able to speak Chinese before they can be useful even as television pundits, so better avoid that issue for now.

Gong xi Li Na.