A Quiet Winter Weekend

It’s the first weekend of winter. I havent attended to our garden for weeks now. Tress is outside weeding, and I could see this morning, leaves on both the front and back lawns, as well as the side garden. The garden needs some heavy-duty tidying up.

My mind however, is on this essay I need to finish (3/4 through now) by this weekend, so that I may start work for the exam in 2 weeks’ time. Why did I think doing 2 subjects is possible… hats off to anyone out there who do more than 2 subjects while working full-time and busying yourself with the usual activities…

It looks gorgeous outside – sunny and not cold at all. It is certainly balmy in comparison to the last few weeks. It has been a strange autumn/winter period. Maybe it is the La Nina.

Hopefully le Li Na goes one better tonight and win at the French Open. What a great boost to Chinese tennis that would be.

Anyway, back to me essay now…