Harold’s Hogwash

Harold Camping is an 89 year old. He likes numbers. And dates. Based on numbers, he’s worked out THE date. According to Harold, the numbers in the Bible all work out to the world ending on 21 May 2011. That’s tomorrow. My mate is celebrating his 50th tomorrow. Should I tell him about Harold?  

I wonder what his website (http://www.familyradio.com)  will say if per chance, the clock ticks over 12am on 21 May 2011 and we find ourselves looking at 00:00:01 on 22 May 2011 with little more than a slightly sore head as a result of a few extra glasses of tipple on a mate’s 50th party.

Thankfully Harold isn’t taken too seriously, generally speaking. There are always people who would believe anything. Like the Norwegian Blue parrot, or the Arctic Grey. Enough people, apparently, to let him raise in excess of USD120 million. I wonder if Harold has given any of that wealth away, if he truly believed his own work. Or maybe he’ll disappear for a few years, and resurface with some explanatory recalculations locked away in case he is ever asked to account for the non-event.