Is Perkasa the Malaysian Monty Python in disguise?

Is Perkasa the Malaysian Monty Python in disguise? Maybe Malaysians have been missing the point all along. Maybe the bigotry of race and religion is really like the dead parrot and Perkasa is nothing but the Palin styled pet shop owner. Certainly the way Perkasa geniuses respond to issues and statements has been very Pythonesque,  Can someone please tell the likes of Syed Hassan Syed Ali and Ibrahim Ali – why are they all Ali’s – that racism and bigotry should be dead. Expired. Ceased to be. It was a Norwegian Blue Parrot to start with, or the Arctic Grey one. It should be creatures which exists only in the world of Monty Python. Perhaps is we just picture the likes of Ibrahim Ali as a lumberjack singing the Lumberjack Song we can all have a laugh instead, except this circus isn’t merely poking fun for a laugh, it is spoiling for a fight. The audience is perhaps more likely to walk out than remembering lines and laughing along.