Malaysian Malaysia Remains a Dream

The writers who contribute to the blog known as Big Dog Dot Com and who were responsible for the piece concerning DAP and pastors of churches in Sarawak have a lot to answer for. Fortunately for cretins like them, they have their political masters’ skirts all too ready to be lifted up for them to hide under.

DAP was liberally labelled a chauvinistic Chinese party. I may have left Malaysia for a while now but the last time I looked, the major race based political parties in Malaysia are all in BN. DAP may have a disproportionate number of Chinese but to describe them as a chauvinistic Chinese party is like saying Hollywood is a chauvinistic Jewish establishment. To suggest that the proliferation of a certain race in a platform is proof of racism in that medium would tend to confirm that the constituents of Big Dog lack comparable grey matter. On the other hand, demanding that a particular race be given preferential treatment regardless of the circumstances is probably a tad closer to being a racist.

I don’t think anyone with half a brain in Malaysia would doubt that the likes of Utusan and Perkasa are the real racists and to the core. Remove racism and bigotry from these inbred cretins and they would spend all day chasing their own family jewels had their cowardice not been a result of total emasculation.

And yet I suspect hopeless stupidity isn’t the main worry, whatever the merits of my earlier assertions. It is the clear attempt to set up these twin straw men of race and religion as means to start a fight. The undertone of the piece is clearly one designed by someone spoiling for a fight. For that reason, the call for authorities to investigate and consider ISA charges, hopeless as it may have been, is fully warranted.

A recent football expert said that had Sir Alex Ferguson been managing any of the other top four clubs in England, that club would have won the league already. I tend to think that had this article in Big Dog been penned by anyone less related to its political masters, they would have long been charged under ISA already. In Malaysia, inequality and abuse continue to be the order of the day.


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