Sony Web Attack – Apple Safe?

The web attack on Sony’s online gaming site and theft of customer data of millions of online gamers, was worrying only in the sense that it is raising the question of whether Apple would also be susceptible.  

I would not be surprised if someone tells me that iTunes accounts are many times that of Sony online gaming accounts. What if iTunes were to be similarly attacked and iTunes customer data were also stolen? Has there been any Apple statement saying theirs is a different system and therefore would not be open to Sony styled attacks?

If I cancelled my iTunes account, would my data continue to be held? Chances are it would. Does that mean the only way I could safeguard myself is to cancel my credit card registered with iTunes?

But would that mean my Apple TV would not work? Or that I would not be able to synchronise my iPhone with my laptop?

Just less than 10 years ago, I could lose my wallet, cancel my credit card and still enjoy my CD collection or go home and watch TV without any concerns.

10 years hence, Palm Treo irretrievably discarded and iPhone firmly in hand, my credit card is tied up with my music collection database and access to internet TV.

Who could have foreseen the comingling of financial services and entertainment like so? For someone of my vintage, it is a very different world we live in, to that which we grew up in. Maybe retro is the way to go. Now where’s my Discman and my Motorola Microtac?