Everyone’s In London

I hopped onto a cardio machine this morning, and turned on the attached television screen. The set on the Today Show looked a little different. Also, Ben Fordham who was the sports presenter was decked out more formally than I was expecting, with a red tie to boot. I soon realised they were in London – the whole team. Karl, Lisa and gang are all there. I then recall Ross and John of 3AW saying everyone’s there now.

To confirm views that William and Kate are different to their predecessors, William was soon seen outside Clarence House, shaking hands with onlookers. It must have been about 10.30pm then and the prince was in an open neck shirt, khakis and sweater, greeting and talking to ordinary people lining up outside the royals’ residence. Nice touch. Certainly it bolstered the image of William being like Diana, the people’s royal personality.

The wedding program starts around 5pm Aussie time and I think many have teed up parties to watch it. The actual thing is due to start around 8.30pm – prime time Aussie TV slot – and they are due to appear on the balcony around 10.30pm. On a Friday night, only a Man United game can beat that. So guess what I’ll be doing for 2 x 20min slots tonight…


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