Stir Away RPK.

I’m still trying to work out this RPK rubbish.

If I said you to you that you were at a brothel, you’d have to either deny or admit to it. My opinion of you should not bear on whether I would say this to you, if your being at a brothel was a fact witnessed by me.

If I said to you that someone said to me he saw you at a brothel, your options would be better. You could still deny it or admit it. Or, you could ask me who was that someone who told you. On my part however, I would not have mentioned to you what that person said to me unless I had an element of doubt about you. My opinion of you becomes relevant in that sense.

If we then push this out even further and I were to say to you, that I was told someone had credible information that you were at a brothel, I’d really have to have a lot of doubt about you, before I would even raise the matter with you. My opinion of you would be most relevant in this context.

Therein lies the problem with Raja Petra and his alleged U-turn and stories about his “selling out” and becoming a Najib supporter.

Raja Petra made a statutory declaration in 2008 based not on what he saw. He did not see Rosmah Mansor at the jungle near Shah Alam on that fateful night in 2006. Neither was he told by someone who alleged Rosmah was there. That wretched Statutory Declaration was based on what someone (Nik Azmi Nik Daud) told him someone else (Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin) had “credible information” on – that Rosmah Mansor was at the C4 site.

I find it incredulous that Raja Petra, for all his apparent wily nous, could doubt Rosmah ‘s presence at the site Altantuya was murdered (as he said in his infamous TV3 interview) yet declare a statement which is based on what someone told him someone else had credible information on. Any reasonable person would have deemed it necessary to verify the matter by either sighting the report which allegedly set out the account of Rosmah’s presence, or at the very least, speaking to the person (Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin) who had allegedly authored that report.

It just does not make sense. Unless of course, the whole saga is in turn, just another piece in a prolonged game of chess and it did not matter if a move made sense at a particular point in time, as long as it sets in motion a series of moves to lead to a desired outcome.

Maybe he did think Rosmah was indeed present at the murder scene.

Maybe there were elements to the murder and its surrounding circumstances which he wanted to train the spotlight on, and which were hitherto neglected for one reason or another. What might these be?

  • That the records of Altantuya and her friends were expunged from immigration database?
  • That Najib had occasion to meet with Altantuya in a number of circumstances and had sexual liaison with her?
  • That there were elements of DCNS Scorpene submarine deals which bore Najib’s fingerprints all over some alleged kickback money?
  • That the Malaysian ambassador to Mongolia had stolen evidence from Altantuya’s family and given these to the Malaysian police under the custody of Abdul Gani Patail and/or ex IGP Musa Hassan?
  • That records of military personnel and armaments suggest Najib provided the green light to employ these resources at the time of the murder?
  • To train the spotlight on PI Bala’s statutory declarations again?

Were the manoeuvres to prevent Najib’s ascension and push Ku Li up instead, as defined as they were said to be? Or was it such a given that Najib was to succeed Badawi that stories of these Machiavellian moves were transparently non-sensical?

Certainly the question of whether a military intelligence officer did or did not author a report suggesting Rosmah’s presence at the murder scene, has little impact on the other questions which have always caused Najib’s role to be anything other than an outright falsehood. If Raja Petra’s intention is to have the public re-examine all these other issues all over again, he certainly has a strange way of getting to this. Maybe it is all serendipitous and all he wanted to do was to stir crap again. That he is a master at this there is little doubt.  Certainly the stench has hit cyber waves again.

If this however, is what it takes to flush crap out like UMNO and its leaders of the system, stir away RPK.