Killing Us All Tweetly

Jim Wallace‘s tweet on Anzac Day is the latest proof that this tool can be wielded most unwisely. It is probably best not to use it for any purpose other than daily mundane stuff like letting your mates know where you are so they can join you if they wish. Try using it for any other purpose (such as social commentary) and you really are asking for it.

I am sure many Christians frown deeply at gay marriage and Islamic extremists and they are perfectly legitimate areas of interests for the Australian Christian Lobby. Use that silly limited tool that is Tweeter and mix that with Anzac Day and the place it holds for many Australians and you’re on really thin ice. From hereon in, who’d listen to Jim Wallace the next time he has anything to say about gay marriage or Islamic extremism? People are more likely to remember his folly of tweeting on these issues on Anzac Day 2011, than anything else he may have to say on them, no matter how valid and true that may turn out to be.

He has damaged the role of the Australian Christian Lobby in 22 words in a silly tweet and it’d take so much rebuilding to restore things. This silly tool is killing us all tweetly. 😦