Becoming an Aussie

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Saying goodbye

9 April 2007 Edit Leave a comment

This time it is to Malaysia, permanently and legally. About a couple of weeks ago, I had my citizenship application approved. Formally, I dont become a citizen until the ceremony, when the pledge is made and the certificate of citizenship is issued.

A couple of guys were just talking about citizenship, and severing any of our remaining legal links with Malaysia. We all thought we are probably never returning to Malaysia ever again, so why worry about giving up our citizenship there. More so when we see the continuous erosions of values which are important to us – fairness, equality, justice and social stability. I think the factor which nailed it for all of us, is the thought of our children having to cope with those issues which we had to deal with. We are all thankful our kids are spared of these issues, and they can concentrate on other matters such as building their skills and qualifications to contribute better, and to be better appreciated by their country. Malaysia is not interested in that, not unless you are a malay or a moslem, or preferably, both.

I’m now just waiting for the ceremony date to be confirmed, before I officially become a dinky di Aussie.