A Niggly Weekend

After submitting an essay on Thursday night, I felt like a sudden depletion of energy ebbing away inside me. The next day I worked on a couple of relatively light files, then went home looking forward to a night with Tress, Kiddo and some friends in a little Singapore café in Boronia. Bert’s café on 146A Boronia Road serves Singaporean street food and the owner chef used to work at the Meridien in Singapore. About half a dozen families were there and we took up the entire café. The food was very good and the service was very friendly and quick, with normal reasonably low prices ranging from $5 appetizers to $9 main noodle dishes. I’d go back in a hurry if it wasn’t so far away from our home.

Sat after our usual coffee and brekky at our local (The Coffee Club at the Forest Hill Chase) we did some  quick grocery shopping before returning to do some overdue house cleaning. Tress cleaned up the garden and front yard, I vacuumed the house and cleared parts of the gutter as well as bit and pieces of other chores. Kiddo had a bit of a mishap on Mahoney Street… kua kua kua…

We decided to stay home that night and I cooked – we haven’t stayed in for home cooked food on a Sat night for a while now. The wonbuk tofu soup was very good for a cool night.

After the disastrous semi final game, I slept in and missed the fun in church early that morning when a team was putting the furniture back in after a carpet steam clean. A few of us – pastor and family, Jason and family – had lunch in Shangri La after church and we had a good time just catching up on a number of things. That afternoon was a bit lazy for me and I basically just vegged out doing next to nothing other than take the little Black Jedi out to the park for a walk – it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon so it felt perfect, except not the pressure builds up again for my next piece of work. Something on sola scriptura and prophesy… help me Lord.