1994 was a Great Year

Last night we went to a local hotel for some pub food. It was kiddo’s birthday and I think we have stuck to keeping things simple and pub food is still a night out after recent battles the family has had to mount to cope with my cooking.

We went to the Mitcham Hotel and kiddo and Tress ordered from the board – roast for kiddo and a fish for Tress. I asked for a steak from the regular menu.

I then took kiddo to the bar and ordered a white wine for her – yeah, it is that sort of joint, where no maitre d came around with a wine list. I asked for a sweet Riesling (a Lindeman’s I think) and I had a house red myself. At 17, she was allowed alcohol when dining with the family and having a full meal. She mentioned the vodka cruisers and I explained to her why those beverages are drinks for losers, sort of (I’m sorry if you like that sort of thing). We also shared a chocolate flourless cake.

She appeared to handle the wine ok. She is 17 now. It didn’t feel like it was 17 years ago when after watching United beat Oldham Athletic (I think it was them) in an FA Cup Semi Final we went to the Subang Medical Centre and waited a number of hours before she finally arrived in the arvo. Everyday for the next few days, I’d stop by the hospital on the way to work and peek through the glass windows of the nursery. She was the most beautiful baby in that nursery, often the only one awake, eyes wide open.

1994 was a great year – Kiddo was born. And United won the double after going on to thrash pre-Roman Chelsea in the final.