Day Out

A colleague was working on a case which was potentially curly. The team had wanted to set out a consistent approach in terms of treatment of similar cases but sometimes – often in fact – so much depends on the facts of a particular case. A site visit was thought useful to verify certain factual situations and to put documented facts in perspective.

I was asked to come along for the visit. I guess it is part familiarization with site visit procedures but also good control to have more than just the one person on site visits.

So yesterday this colleague and I set out for the property in question. It was located at the start of the Great Ocean Road and it was going to take us about an hour and a half to get there.

We were at the Finance department early on to pick up the car keys and look for the necessary paper work. We then headed down to the basement where the cars were, and I was pleasantly surprised to note that the Office has a fleet of the Toyota Camry Hybrid. My colleague was even more of a novice in these things than yours truly. He pushed the power button on and then the both of us just sat in the car for a while, wondering if he had done all the right thing, as the car was so quiet we thought nothing was happening.

We finally pulled out of the parking space and made our way past the five floors underground to emerge out of the belly of the complex, onto Bourke Street, after going past 3 boom gates. Soon the wet morning pushed on and it was belting down. While waiting for the lights on Flinders Street, we thought the engine had died on us, so quiet was the thing. It felt like it had powered down to a safe mode of sorts but when my colleague engaged the gear back to drive it took off again. Soon I was fiddling around with the radio and after about 5 minutes of talk back radio on 3AW, I switched channel to an FM music channel – I think it was either Classic Rock on 104.3 or Vega on 91.5. My colleague lighted up noticeably – he must have thought me an old man, what was I doing listening to Neil Mitchell on a drive out to the Great Ocean Road.

We were soon out of the city and on the Westgate, heading towards Geelong and beyond. It was still belting down – the rain was tropical. Still, it beats being cooped up in the office so we enjoyed the ride.

At the property my colleague talked to the clients while I took some pictures. It was a basic Canon SLR model. Thanks to my (very) modest self education on these toys, I could handle the thing ok and my colleague and our boss was fairly pleased with the outcome of my photographic efforts and they sort of spoke the thousands of words the report needed to attend to the clients’ file.

We got back around 1.30pm after stopping in town for coffee and a very good apple and rhubarb cake (it was labeled as a fancy pastry with some French name but it was a cake to me). I told my colleague this morning I think I have an idea for a day trip this coming Easter long weekend. I think he had the same idea.


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