Kroenke makes it 10 in the English League

Another yank has yanked English ownership out of another English club. With Stan Kroenke‘s takeover of Arsenal, the Premier League now has 10 clubs which are foreign owned. There are 19 teams in the league, so more than half are foreign owned. Of the top 5 clubs in the league as they now stand, only Tottenham remains English owned. Everton is the next highest ranking club (7th) which is English owned but Bill Kenwright and Co has large bank borrowings with guys like Bear Stearns and it would not be a big step for the Americans to gain a foothold through them. The next big club on the ladder, Newcastle United, has been on the market for some time. Mike Ashley lost out to Manchester City in selling to the Sheikhs so the Zebras too, are likely to be sold to foreigners in the not too distant future. Manchester United may want the Glazers out but the Green and Gold campaign has some work to do yet.

The EPL is the biggest earner amongst all domestic leagues. The “E” is in name only as the English-ness is fast disappearing. That is of course no surprise. Yet here we are in Australia, warding off SGX in its propose merger with the ASX, with a loud protestor shouting in the name of national interests. That is so 90’s…  if the most sacred of English working class institutions can become foreign controlled, why do we belly-ache over the proposed merger?