Through the roof…

We recently had our roof repaired. We bought a renovated house and being novices in home construction matters we didn’t pay much attention to the roof except the timber work near the gutters and the gutters themselves. As long as the gutters seemed ok and there were any shattered or broken roof tiles we didn’t know what else to be looking out for.

The roof was still alright but recent storms and heavy rains have showed up the weak work done on the roof and a couple of damp spots were showing up on the ceiling and we could hear water dripping onto the ceiling.

So about a month and a half ago we got some roof experts to come in and our roof looks much better now. Broken roof tiles were replaced, improperly done work was rectified and old timbers were replaced. The roof tiles were then given a couple of coats of sealants and a couple of coats of paint.

We have a properly maintained roof now and Tress and I worry less whenever there is a storm or heavy rains. The roofing episode sort of brought home to me again, the costly business of home ownership and living in general… everything’s so costly now.

I have taken to listening to talkback radio while cooking dinners and the other day someone said the new electricity smart meters have caused their electricity bills to skyrocket by 70+ percent. I was looking at my car registration and insurance renewal just last Friday and the premium has gone up quite a bit too, and with that the stamp duty. I was shopping to cook for a potluck at Alex and Li Har’s last night and the tomatoes were between $7-8 a kilo. Kiddo was starting to look at some organic stuff and the like and the general idea that such things were more costly suddenly came sharply into focus. Tress was getting some dental work done these past few weeks and the cost of these treatments were as always, a shocker.

So why is it that when the cost of so many things are literally through the roof, have I started a role in the public sector with a painful pay cut… it’s like another double whammy for yours truly…


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