Slip Sliding Away

Things appear to be rosier now – or are they? Yes and no. This –  the here-but-not-yet, already but yet to come, bad but good, good but bad, first shall be last and last shall be first – fluctuation, undulation, the to-ing anf fro-ing of events, sentiments, expectations and outcomes, they all seem to be the flavour of the day. The flavour indeed, of life. Seasons come and go and with them our sentiments ebb and flow. Is winter here? Yes but not yet. The cold is here, for now. Soon it will be no more, smoked out by the heat.  But it will come again – it is yet to come, even when it is here already. The circle of life, the cycle of time. None are happy all the time, nor sad. None are melancholic all the time, nor glad.

No I have been smoking funny cigarettes. I am just reflecting on what Tress and I briefly talked about on the train this morning, on the way in to work. Nights of school lectures and events for kiddo, long hours of work for Tress, reasonable hours during the day and attention stretching work at night for yours truly. It is a time where heads are down and quills doodle (or keyboards hacked away) as the nights arrive sooner and stay longer, bringing with them cold winds and gloom to be swept away only by cheery and hopeful hearts and minds in our God. I now wake up to chilly mornings – it was 9 deg this morning – and I can no longer head off to the gym in my shorts and t-shirt. On a good day it still hits 25deg albeit momentarily but as always, it is the dark – the early arrival of farewell to the sun – which gets to me.

Maybe I have been cooped up in my study just a touch too long, but then again I have been thinking I have not spent enough time in there! Or maybe that too is a yes and no example. Life’s too hard some times. Fun, but hard.