Bazza’s Buzz and (Kiddo’s) Whirlwind Weekend



Tress and I had the house to ourselves on Saturday night. Oh, with the Little Black Jedi also, of course. Kiddo had a birthday party and we drove her to birthday girl’s home in Pasco Vale in the north-west of the city. After dropping her off, I made the mistake of thinking we could get into the city for a quick dinner. The usual Saturday crowd turned us off and we drove back to the east and stopped by Box Hill for a bite before returning home. 

The Petaling Street food joint which first opened up in Glen Waverley had branched out to Box Hill. A few weeks ago I was walking around near the office and I saw another one being renovated, this time on Swanston Street. The one in Box Hill was very well run. Staff were hardworking, courteous, alert to diners’ reactions and the food was pretty decent too.

Earlier that day, I had gone to the library to try and catch up with my MST work. Tress and Kiddo were together but Tress had a dental appointment in the arvo. I decided to tidy up the garden and spent the arvo mowing, pruning, sawing off some branches off the pine tree on the front lawn, dusted off some cobwebs and basically tried to keep the place under control. Tress was busy with the laundry and was pottering around getting bits and pieces done, including giving LBJ a bath.

Kiddo’s party was a sleepover so Tress and I just sat and watched tv, basically catching up on the bloodbath of the NSW Labour Party in the state elections. Barry O’Farrell seemed like a well grounded guy but he has lots to do now. Everyone we know in Sydney felt the state has been deteriorating in recent years and our visit there a couple of years ago felt bad too – congested road and rail were the main issues for us. When I travelled there for work a few times, I didn’t feel good either. Hopefully Bazza turns things around. He looked like an ordinary bloke but sounded very determined to “fix things”.

Kiddo left the party the next morning and got on a train to Melbourne University for a history lecture, before returning to Glen Waverley station where we picked her up and dropped her off in church for a meeting of the worship team.

I got home and did some more work on MST stuff. I got to church half way through to pick kiddo up, returned for more work and then went to the Royal Children’s Hospital with Tress, Mel and Jason to visit a church member whose baby was unwell.  We got home around 7, fixed a quick dinner, watched 60 Minutes and I went back to my study for more work before retiring just after 11. I had thoroughly enjoyed the MST work the whole day.



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So Long Punter (Ponting retires)

I will always remember the Boxing Day Test match in the MCG in 2005. Ricky Ponting scored centuries in both innings against South Africa and I was there in the MCG in the first inning. A mate rang to ask I come to his barbie but I said I was at the MCG and wouldnt miss what looked like the Punter’s tonne – my first in the G. I’m glad I hung around for the landmark and it was special.

Thanks for the memories, Punter.