Duck Fest

Last night a bunch of us paid homage to the evergreen classic dish of Peking duck. We were at Simon’s Duck place on Middleborough Road. There were about 20 of us so we were on 2 separate tables. On my table were 6 adults, 3 ravenous teenagers and a 9-year old with a pretty healthy appetite.

I brought along a 2004 Shiraz (Robertson’s Well from Coonawarra). Apparently a Pinot would have been a better match but I didn’t have any at home and it was raining and I didn’t feel like stopping to choose a wine when I had only a very vague idea when it comes to choosing a good Pinot. In any event the wine was superb and went rather well with the meal.

Simon’s has 2 dining sessions – at 5pm and 8pmrespectively. We were at the 8pm one and it was choc a block. We had 3 ducks per table, and since it was very busy, they only carved up the duck in situ for one bird, with the other two arriving ready to serve.

The option with noodles was priced at $63 per duck, which is good for about 15 pieces of the pancake. So 3 ducks for a table of 10 persons give each person 3-4 pieces/servings which were really good.

The duck was cooked perfectly and the meat was soft and moist and the skin while crispy wasn’t dry at all. It didn’t feel too greasy either. The pancake was thin but didn’t tear easily and all it needed was a small sprig of spring onion and a piece of cucumber to round off a perfect roll. Hoisin sauce was smeared on the duck but we really didn’t need it and after the first piece, I had only a touch of the sauce on.

Kiddo enjoyed it immensely and nom’ed all the way home in the car. Auntie Hooi and Uncle Marloney were the experienced diners on our table and they were saying Simon’s Peking Duck is way better than any they have been to, including Old Kingdom. We’ve sampled a few other places as well and we too think that Simon’s is by far a better option. We’d happily bring any overseas visitors there. We strongly recommend the place, especially with a very good 2004 Robertson’s Well Coonawarra Shiraz.


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