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Fergie aims at the perch

SAF has been given a 5 match ban, and this IS a pointy end of the season, when Arsenal seems to have – before it crashed out of the League Cup, Champions League, and FA Cup competitions in the past 2 weeks – the momentum. They have a game in hand and just 3 points behind.

While the league is almost always the most important competition for yours truly, I am just pleasantly surprised we are where we’re at now. At the start of the season I didn’t think we’d be gunning for gongs. Chelsea was riding a massive crest and we didn’t get any player other than the “Little Pea” (what a Javier Hernandez has turned out to be – Ole!). The likes of Gibson and Obertan haven’t really impressed as solid United players and players like Carrick was starting to look tired and not up to providing the gravy for the hard work by Fletcher. it looked like we had to rely on old warhorses like Giggs and Scholesy to arm the lone gunman upfront, Rooney.

But see where we are now – still at the top of the heap in the league, in the semi-final of the FA Cup and the quarter final of the Champions League. Frankly all that matters to me is the league because if we hold on and sneak through, we’d be one up in the all-time tally against the ‘Fools. SAF would be truly pleased then as we would have well and truly knocked them off the frail perch.