Cat in the Cradle

Harry Chapin‘s “Cat in the Cradle” first made its way (for me anyway) into Christian sermons maybe 10 years ago, when I first heard it from Ravi Zachariah. Yesterday Daniel Tong from the Singapore Anglican church mentioned it again.

I think this will become a stronger and stronger theme among the husbands and fathers in growing families. How does one keep the balance between providing for the family and keeping the relationship and bond alive? Pursuing work and career is often a slippery slope for many. It remains a holy grail for them.

You can watch a clip of Chapin doing a live rendition here.


4 thoughts on “Cat in the Cradle

  1. I recall that song very well. Everytime I hear it, it just makes me cry. Watching the men in my family, I’ve seen that it is hard provide and maintain relationships. A lot of the time, some men are not told how to make it work. Or IMO talk to others who have the same problems. But I know times are changing.


    1. Hi Kalley
      I agree. We need to work out what we need and what we want and not let the world tell us those answers, especially the popular media. Development in science and technology lead marketing spin doctors to make us continuously upgrade our home fittings, appliances and equipment, cars and other consumer items. Popular food/cook shows are asking us to seek finer foods. Competition in school and workplaces are making us seek out food and wine which are expensive and often, unhealthy for us. Entertainment in the forms of video games, movie series, popular books and the media to read them in have also taken on new forms. All those things are not bad in themselves but are often the things that make people spend more time at work and lose time for family. We need to prioritise and tell ourselves we don’t need a lot of the stuff the media and world at large are telling us. What we need is time for family and for God. That is priceless and that is what will win it for us.


  2. I have two sons in their twenties and show them pictures of their youth…I’m always in them…and remind them not to short change their own kids when they get married. Then I sing a few verses of Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue to remind them if they don’t get it right their kids will come after them.


    1. Good on you David, you have been a great example for your kids. Well done!
      I believe it is a tricky balance but more and more people are concerned that they should get it right. It is fine for many to cut back on work commitment for family reasons but the expectations of life’s comfort and finer things should also likewise be cut back. That can come as a too hard basket for some.


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