End days – yet again.

The images of the quake and tsunami in Japan have been transfixing. Last night I returned from a church meeting to catch up with news on TV and the pictures were just shocking. True to form, there is already a seminar lined up to talk about the prophecies in places like Joel 3 and the end days. As surely as day follows night, end time seminars almost always follow a series of earthquakes. The close occurrences between the Christchurch and Sendai earthquakes almost guarantee a talk of end times to follow. Yet, no one ever address the issues of the sun and moon darkening or the stars stop twinkling (Joel 3:15). We really ought to just accept that no one will know whether the last days are upon us. All we need to do – and that is already a big task – is to be faithful to God and seek Him and obey Him. Better spend time reading and studying His word than chasing signs of the end days.