China v Middle East

Alan Kohler made the interesting comparison yesterday between China and the Middle East. Both are (were) governed by   long term entrenched leadership with little or no semblance of democracy.  Other than internet restrictions and stiff crackdowns against demonstration, they have little else in common.

China’s communist leaders have been in power since 1949. That is longer than either Mubarak or Gaddafi. The difference however is that the leaders of Communist China change. Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, were chosen in 2007 and will next year – after a 5 year probation of sorts – become the President and Premier respectively.

Such planning and the resulting stability (politically at least) ensures proper focus on economy, especially on stimulus necessary to retain jobs.

An orderly and prosperous China is what the world needs, and that is especially so for Australia. So to my ancestral nation – xie xie