Red Elephant

I should include an entry on this Thai place we went to last Saturday, which was really nice.

Last Sunday night we had the cell kick off dinner in our home, with about 25 people. Tress and I had started to prepare for the dinner from early Saturday. We mowed, trimmed, swept, applied my leave blower liberally, wiped the outdoor furniture, vacuumed the house and shopped for all of the stuff we were going to cook and by the time we were done it was about 6.30pm.

We were tired and hungry and were ready for a good meal out so Tress rang around and we found this place in Hawthorn called the Red Elephant. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and after that hefty dinner we went to Armadale to collect mail for this couple who have been away on holidays. We got home happy but still thinking about dinner the next day. As it turned out, the dinner was good and the cell had a good kick-off meeting. The silly season has well and truly gone by and work, school and church stuff had started again.


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