JG’s Green Pork Barreling

Alan Kohler’s piece on Julia Gillard’s porky leaves a lot of juicy fat to chew over. He wrote Julia’s great big lie wasn’t about the environment as much as it will be about two much bigger agenda both of which are crucial for her survival and that of labor.

The first is about a re-badge of labor with a heavy tint of green. The green tide and the undeserved powers of non-representative persons like Bob Brown and Adam Brandt are growing threats to Julia’s labor. This carbon tax will stem that tide and propel labor using the same force.

The second is good old pork barreling strategy. This tax is timed to bring home the bacon for re-distribution at the next election. This explains Abbott’s anger and strong reaction.

For all of the giggling and waving of hands etc Julia is really quite a schemer. If only her schemes are fair dinkum beneficial for Australia.