Julia’s Great Big Lie

Labor is asking Australians to believe that some reasonably efficient industries – coal-fired power being the prime example – must be shut down because of the scientifically determined negative externality of global warming” – Alan Kohler from the Business Spectator pages.

Leaving aside the assertion that global warming has been scientifically determined, it still beggars believe Australians would be prepared to put up with a government which is ready to hurt Australians for God knows what purpose.

Why should Australians do anything at all re global warming, even assuming it is not the environmental equivalent of the Y2K bug?

We would be like the smallest house on the street bankrupting itself to clean up the streets around the neighbourhood, when the richer neighbours with much bigger houses continuing to throw rubbish out onto the streets.

So what if we have one of the highest per capita pollution? We are only 26 million people. Even if we are 2-3 times higher than that of say China, we’d only be contributing 0.05 of China’s pollution into this world. When taken against the world, it is probably what – 0.01?

In other words, even if Australia does nothing, it would have less than negligible effect on reducing global warming, even if it was true.

I still can’t understand our concern over this matter.

I won’t look to Julia Gillard to educate me either. She has absolutely no ability to speak plainly. When she did speak plainly, she lied – like when she did to the people last year in the election campaign when she said there would be no carbon tax.

I was listening to her interview with Neil Mitchell earlier today and using jargons like “price impacts” and “pricing mechanisms” means nothing to someone like me. All I will do is to draw my own conclusions which are higher prices and increased taxes respectively. If those conclusions were wrong, this useless Prime Minister would not be able to show me how and why.

Maybe it was a strategy to counter the sometimes manipulative Neil Mitchell but she should remember many Australians would be listening to her thinking she has lied and we would be worse off. It was incumbent on her to explain to us how she wasn’t lying and why it would be good for us when the carbon tax is introduced. She failed miserably. Please bring on a new election – I can’t wait to toss her out.


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