Christchurch and Tripoli (and KL)

News wise it was an eventful but chaotic day. The middle east continues to boil, with the mad Colonel digging in and ready to kill any of its 6.7million citizenry to hang on to power. Our neighbour in the meantime, suffered a horrendous earthquake – the second in less than 6 months – which devastated most of the city of Christchurch. From the time we (Kiddo and I) got home yesterday arvo until this morning at the gym, local television channels have been providing wall-to-wall coverage of the disaster.

Like Anna Bligh, Rob Parker the mayor of Christchurch, must have followed the inquiry on the black Saturday in Victoria and picked up pointers on what not to do on D-Day from the likes of Christine Nixon. Parker was responsive, engaging, compassionate and switched on with events and activities on the ground level, feeding information to the press whenever possible. He was always present, always prominently available. Everyone wanted to talk to him to find out how things were. He was in charged. He seemed to be taking responsibility. Several times he said “my city”, obviously pained by what has happened to this once beautiful city of churches.

I also can’t help but wonder what the like of Danny Nalliah would say about this one. Did NZ recently pass any laws which incurred the wrath of God to bring this on its people?

I hope the people of Christchurch find some reprieve somewhere and find the strength to rebuild yet again. The people of Libya however, has to contend with a quake of a different kind – a kind Malaysians would or should think about. It really is time the UMNO-wreaked regime helmed by dynasties like the Razak family be thrown out of office.