Gaddafi had 42 years – close to Razak Dynasty Regime

Libya is on the boil. Gaddafi has been in power for 42 years. This is about the same length of time as the Razak dynasty, the blue bloods of UMNO in Malaysia. Abdul Razak orchestrated the putsch which sidelined the Tunku in 1969 and came to power soon after. Although he died not long after (1972?) Najib his son stepped in almost immediately. He was the youngest MP in Malaysia and has been a PM in the waiting ever since. His uncle Hussein Onn became PM after his father died, and he was instrumental in keeping Mahathir in power over the challenge of Razaleigh. When Abdullah Badawi succeeded Mahathir, he became the deputy PM and no one was ever in any doubt he would be PM since, lingering unanswered allegations of murder role (Altantuya Shaaribu) nothwithstanding.

So from the day the Tunku was overthrown you could say Najib through UMNO has never ceased to be part of the ruling regime – not far off the period of time Gaddafi has been in power.

Libya is on the boil. Malaysians should take heed. Unless the Razak dynasty blue bloods of UMNO start to do the right thing, they like Gaddafi, should be thrown out of office and power permanently.


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