Boomsz and Shingsz

A couple of weeks ago someone sent us a youtube link to an interview a couple of web media personalities had with a young lady whom we were told was the reigning Miss Singapore representing the Miss Universe (or was it Miss World) competition. Her name was Rhys or some variant to the spelling – like many zonked out parents are wont to do with their kids’ names these days.

The subject in question was a word the purported beauty had used. I say purported beauty because I thought she was anything but beautiful and Kiddo and tress both agreed. English was also obviously not her first language so she neither had the look nor the communication ability which begs the obvious question of course, but that was all irrelevant as far as the interview was concerned.

The word in question was booms, except it was pronounced and therefore spelled, with a ‘z’ at the end of it. Sort of adds some chutzpah except it wasn’t meant to be clever or impudence but borne out of innocence (if you are kind) or naiveté (if you are not).

I’m a little embarrassed to say this… i feel like I’m running on high risk here in spite of the concoctor’s name (she was Rhys Low I think, or Risk Low – who knows) but I think it works, especially if one use it in conjunction with the antonym – “shingsz”.

Boomsz, one uses when there is a positive scenario ie, good things – something you would be pleased with. Shingsz on the other hand is the opposite. A 2004 Shiraz for example, is often boomsz whereas often, a cleanskin 2008 Merlot for example, would be a bit of a shingsz. A James Squire Golden Ale or a Fat Yak would be a … boomsz, that’s right whereas a Four-X, or maybe (and more to the point) a Foster’s would be a … shingsz. Get it? Rooney’s goal over the weekend was an absolute boomsz whereas Szeko’s deflected woozy off Silva was downright shingsz. See? It works, huh?

Proof that looks isn’t everything – she may not look pretty (title notwithstanding) but she is a wordsmith! Rheis, you are a genius – looks and sound notwithstanding.


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