“Went to bed happy” kind of weekend

There was prayer meeting in church on last Friday night. As is often the case this wasn’t a naturally attractive activity on a Friday night. I’d much rather have a few drinks with some friends or watch something on tele quietly at home. Since it was the inaugural meeting, and we truly needed to have corporate prayers we decided to go. Again – as is often the case – it wasn’t so bad once you get started. It was actually quite good in that we got to know more about some members of the church who were from the old Cornerstone Church and prayed with and for them. I went to bed feeling a little happier.

Sat morning there was another meeting – see entry on Cells below – which again, started out difficult but was okay one it rolls along. I got home just before noon and Tress was still out on the garden, weeding and clearing out stuff. She had started on it when I left for church. I went in and looked at some documents for a matter that was proceeding the following week. We then went out to buy a few things. Kiddo asked for a new chair, her reading lamp blew out and she has been using mine so we needed to get a new one and the printer was also out of ink. We headed out to FHC to check out Big W but there wasn’t very much on offer so we went to Office Works on Whitehorse Road and picked out a leather swivel chair for kiddo, got the lamp and ink cartridges and went home. I hate furniture in flat packs – they always mean unpleasant assembly work. This chair should have been a breeze except one bolt refused to go in so we had a bit of a wrestle with it.

After the assembly I did a quick mow of the lawns before getting ready for dinner at the Yee’s out in Croydon. Tress had prepared a really nice satay dish and also made a fruit salad.

Somehow we (I) often sub-consciously budget 10 minutes travelling/driving time to get to friends’ homes for dinners etc and Croydon take a little more getting used to – it took us about 25 minutes to get there so we were a little late. When we got there however, only one of the other 4 families was there. Another family pulled up at the same time as us so I guess we were not inexcusably late.

The evening was good and we finished up a bit late. We got home just in time for the derby kick off. Kiddo and Tress watched the game with me for a little while before going to bed and left me alone to witness the awe of Rooney’s strike on the 78thminute. Nani’s goal was quite good too but it was well shaded by the second we had. City had fortuitously equalised, although they had played really well – their money and the quality it bought was really there for all to see, but none of it could match the magic which was to unfold. It was well past 1am here in Melbourne when Rooney struck but that didnt stop me letting out a guttural “whoa”. After 3 in a row, I had parked aside any title ambitions for this season and was leaving aside any hope of truly knocking the scousers off their proverbial perch another day. After all Chelsea had started the season so incredibly strongly. To be leading the table by 4 points at this stage, after silencing a recently monied noisy neighbour with real title ambitions in a tense and spectacular fashion is really a bonus so I went to bed a really happy man.

Sunday saw the first of the 10-week foundation course under way with Tham Fuan leading and it was just the most comforting thing to have him stress the centrality of the Bible for the new church. The Bible – not other sources of revelations – was to be the basis of our faith and journey. This was really good to hear and I was truly happy for the church now that we will start to rid it of all these revelatory distractions of the past regime. We finished up just after 1pm. Kiddo has been driving as a learner and she had driven to church so we asked her to also drive to lunch after church, which was a few suburbs away.

After lunch we went home and I got up the roof to clear a gutter and some branches hanging over the car porch. Tress and Kiddo went grocery shopping and I finished up soon after they got back and we trekked into the city to keep an appointment with Ms Poppins at Her Majesty’s Theatre on the corner of Exhibition and Little Bourke. The 2 hour 40 minutes burst of energy, light and great songs finished up a really good weekend for us. We got home and I fixed lunch for everyone over a really good 2004 Shiraz. I went to bed truly happy.


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