Cell Leaders Meeting

Reasons to do cells
– fellowship
– word of God
– care/accountability
– sense of belonging
– growth

Areas Church can support
– study material
– regular mentoring resource
– pastoral care guidelines
– hub direction setter – info disseminator
– “job description” for cell/zone leaders clearly defined

Ideal Pastor
– great teacher of Word of God
– provides great pastoral care
– wise to the ways of the world
– good leadership
– dynamic teacher
– objective listener
– down to earth
– good people skills – ability to connect with people – relational

Biblical basis for Cells
– Acts
– Jethro advice to Moses
– Jesus with 3 of the 12

Indicators of biblical basis:
– are cells building or hindering kingdom building?
– is it building Christian disciplines
Prayer, Word, Acts 2:42 (ESV)
The Fellowship of the Believers
[42] And *they devoted themselves to the apostlesā€˜ *teaching and the *fellowship, to *the breaking of bread and the prayers.
– Is it training leaders to develop Christian disciplines?

Why do cells – in One word?
– discipleship
– microcosm of “why do Church?”

To connect people into groups who meet on a regular basis for a common purpose and is lead by a leader who is assisting them in the progress towards living Jesus by intentionally providing a platform for community living and spiritual formation


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