New Digs

I caught up with an ex-colleague over lunch the other day and it was good. He is a laid back bloke who is now with a listed entity out near where we live. The irony – he’s driving in to work in an office about 10 minutes drive away from our home. He lives near the city so he’s wishing he works in the CBD but enjoys the driving-in-to-work part of his role. He seemed more excited when in the CBD and was keen and even a touch animated yesterday. He’s a great bloke to know.

We ate in a courtyard in my building – I just discovered last week how big the building complex is and the variety of shops lining both long sides of the rectangular courtyard is really good. The building is part of a government office complex on the eastern side of the city, a block or so away from Spring Street. It has an Exhibition Street address, but it stretches from Bourke to Little Collins, housing probably 3 buildings all in, all adjoined by a covered courtyard. It’s all pretty cool, even swanky. Last Friday kiddo was in the library after school and wanted a ride home from the train station, so I waited a little bit to try and catch the same train back as her. I whiled away my time in a CD shop just down the road. It has a great collection of a wide array of works, including classical, jazz and opera stuff – I now have a place to wander to and wonder when I have a few minutes to while away.

A couple of days before that while looking for kiddo’s school books I walked into a book shop and ended up browsing for over half an hour. It will be a bit like that I think, from now on. I’ll get to make the most of what Melbourne has to offer in terms of literary and musical works. Just half a block away two of Melbourne’s favourite theatres play a continuous offering of popular and classic evergreen productions. This Sunday we’re going for Mary Poppins – we have heard from many that it is great so we are looking forward to it. It will be in one of the 2 theatres.

I have also caught up with Tress for lunch by walking just a block and a half. Unless it is one of those rare muggy days it would be such a pleasure to take that walk. The last time we went to an Indonesian restaurant which was really good and I’m hoping for more of these going forward.

The context of my work surroundings is now near perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better location and atmosphere. For this I am really grateful. Even the proximity of my ex-colleague’s present office to our home isn’t enough to outweigh these considerations.