Victorian Human Rights Charter

Part 2 Section 19 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 provides as follows:

19. Cultural Rights

(1) All persons with a particular cultural, religious, racial or linguistic background must not be denied the right, in community with other persons of that background, to enjoy his or her culture, to declare and practise his or her religion and to use his or her language.

Given what we know of the propensity of certain cultural or religious backgrounds, do we not have a right to at least consider if the right of a person from such cultural or religious background, in community with other persons of that background, to enjoy his or her culture or to practice that religion?

Should not Section 19 be read subject to some overriding principals that certain fundamental or core elements making the Australian community what it has become today?

The practice of Islam includes obliterating persons who undertake any activities which may result in apostasy by a Muslim. Under Section 19(1), a Muslim has a right to enjoy, declare and practice Islam in community with other Muslims. Section 19 of the Human Rights Charter of Victoria thus protects a Muslim who harms, injure or even take the life of another who may have done something which results in apostasy by another Muslim.

Perhaps take a step back – a Muslim doesn’t actually inflict harm or injury or commit homicide but “merely” organises classes to teach the rationale and requirement to so harm, injure or take life. Section 19(1) likewise protects such a person whose right to so teach or organise classes to teach, must not be denied under this Charter or Act.

We can go further, but surely this can’t right or acceptable?


One thought on “Victorian Human Rights Charter

  1. Freedom of apostasy is guaranteed by the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, and yet several countries have laws against apostasy with penalties of imprisonment or death. The issue of crimes against humanity perpetrated against apostasy is rising as waring factions involving religion dominates world news.

    It is time for the UN to remember its charter and pressure countries that commit human rights violations against apostates to cease and desist. In an effort to improve awareness about these human rights violations and to solicit support for that cause, the following site provides further details:


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