Time Costs, Time Values

Life without laptop or blackberry – this job is brilliant for those absentees alone. Oh and no tramming. I get off on Parliament Station and it’s a 5-minute walk to the office. That is brilliant too. The office is bright, modern, has a huge kitchen/meals area with a few fridges, dishwashers and vending machines etc. A bit like in AIA except the number of people using them is much less. AIA felt like so many were crammed into whatever space there was. The facilities felt over-used and in my floor where the Legal team was, the kitchen was small and Spartan. This morning, I found out that one huge benefit remains unaffected – Friday casual! I turned up in my usual suit and tie but that’s ok – Fridays would be as before now.

To maximise the benefit of proximity of the train station to the office, I decided to switch back to the gym at Blackburn station. Otherwise I’d have to head in Melbourne Central and then either walk or tram the 3 blocks plus into the office, which is a waste of time.

So it’s back to the gym I used about 3 years ago. It used to be called the Beach House gym but now it’s Global One. Other than moving the machines around and creating an area/room for Pilates or yoga or something like that, the place remains unchanged from 3 years ago, which isn’t great as stuff look old and dated. The showers especially look even grottier now, but it is a price I’m willing to pay to make the most of the other advantage(s).

It’s the same on the return journey too. I’d take off about 10 minutes before 5 (yes!!!) and I’d be walking through my front door a little after 5.30. It feels crazy. This is easily 2 hours saved compared to my previous job. Last night, after getting home, I cooked dinner, washed up and had time to browse over some notes before the Church Board meeting. Tress and Kiddo had freshly cooked dinner – I can’t remember the last time they had this on a weekday. I have had to get from work straight to a Board meeting in the past, either grabbing some sushi rolls on the way or stopping home just for a quick bite and quite often rocking up late, after the meeting had started.

So, serious and major financial damage aside, taking on this job has been good in numerous other ways.

I am looking forward to having more time for studies to understand the Scriptures better, and to spend more time with people. Hopefully I don’t slide into a lazy contented mode with that extra time I am paying for. Life without laptops or blackberry is great provided the absent elements are appropriately replaced with things that matter more.