I want a Barbie!

Tomorrow’s Australia Day. What we need in our house is something like this:

Real Barbie

It is a fair dinkum beefmaster, not your put-put charcoal kettle, but a real master blaster of a grill machine. But I am not allowed to have it 😦

Now THAT is so unAustralian…


Intolerant Malaysian Muslims

Stories like the below just confirms how intolerant Muslims in Malaysia are, and that’s why Malaysia would continue to face massive problems in turning the country around. No light at the end of this tunnel, from the look of things.

Here’s the story from Malaysiakini:

Malaysian Islamic Development Department director-general Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz sees no need for a guideline on azan to be issued to mosques and suraus across the nation.

“There is no need for azan guidelines, in view that Islam is the official religion of the country,” he told Malaysiakini in an emailed message.

He was responding to calls from several quarters for a guideline to be issued because of the confusion on its practice in Malaysia’s multi-religious landscape.

Proponents of an azan guideline contend that such a ruling would help avert problems in the future.

NONEThe azan issue became controversial after a local resident complained to the Prime Minister’s Office, alleging that the call to prayer at the Al Ikhlasiah Mosque near his house in Pantai Dalam Kuala Lumpur, was too loud and requested that the volume be reduced.

His complaint sparked a ruckus when several NGOs gathered at the mosque and burned an effigy representing the complainant, to express their displeasure at his request.

The complainant, lawyer Ng Kian Nam, who had since apologised over the matter, said that he was not able to differentiate between azan and morning sermons.

It was the volume of the morning sermons that he wanted reduced, not the azan, he claimed.