Danny Nalliah and the Floods, Duck, and well done, Msian Cops

It has been a dark 24 hours Down Under. In fact this summer has felt distinctly gloomy. It was cool and cloudy for many days, the Ashes was a wash out and now the catastrophic floods in Queensland with the spectre of the same scenario in parts of Victoria.

True to form, Danny Nalliah has delivered as expected and penned some pretty amazing stuff linking Rudd’s impulse calls to Israel re nuke facilities inspection, to the Queensland floods. When will this brother cease to provide ammunition to his critic? I hope anyone who has Danny Nalliah’s ear to counsel him. He would not permit adverse comments on his blog so he needs someone to speak to him directly. Danny Nalliah needs to seek the Lord on what his ministry is and be obedient to that calling and not stray outside his area because when he does, it tends to bring shame to the name of the Lord, not glory.


Last night Gerry, Jesslyn and little Sheanne and ourselves went to this restaurant on Middleborough Road, and enjoyed very delicious Peking Duck. Simon’s Duck has a tremendous reputation and it was well deserved. The service was quick and friendly, the atmosphere in the restaurant was bubbly but not overly loud, and the duck was really good. We ordered a couple of other dishes (beef and flounder fillets) which were alright but the by far the duck was the main attraction.

To Tress and my surprise, Simon’s Duck was the new place, replacing “Natraz”, an Indian restaurant we had been to several times. Natraz served very good north Indian food but for some inexplicable reasons, the place was always quiet. Simon’s Duck was by far a lot busier last night.


It was a pleasant surprise when I looked up Malaysiakini this morning. 5 police officers have been charged (http://malaysiakini.com/news/153096) for the bloody-minded assault of a man (http://godsmustardseed.com/2011/01/05/malaysian-police-when-is-it-enough/). I am hoping this isn’t triggered by the general elections which have been rumoured to be just around the corner, and is an indication of sorts, that the police in Malaysia recognises this simply can’t go on and someone has to be brought to book.