Time Wth Friends

Another weekend in this languid but cool summer, another weekend of eating and catching up with friends.

On Sat we met up with Elijah Chew and Amy in their home in Mulgrave, together with their 6 kids and 2 other families. They had invited us to lunch to sort of thank those who helped them when Elijah was unwell and in hospital. Ing Tung and Chin Moi as well as Alfred and Catherine were also there and it was just great catching up with them again, having not seen them for a few months now. These were all friends we made in university and they are all just genuine, simple and great people. Elijah is a pastor now in Doveton and he is still recovering so we thought we’d leave early so he could rest and get ready for Sunday, which should be a really busy day for him. We adjourned to Alfred and Catherine’s new home, also in Mulgrave and chatted again over a beer till well past 6.

Last night we were at Choy and Sharon’s in Warrandyte. They are house sitting (on a long term basis) a biggish home which backs into a reserve with a herd of kangaroos running (hopping) around. The Foo’s and Hii’s were there with us and it was another session of eating and talking together.