Back At Work – Hello 2011

Back to work after 10 days off… the usual struggle to crank it all up again beckons. Officially it was only a 3-day leave but the result was a stretch of 10 days off work. It was bliss.

We went up to the Grampians for a couple of days, and brought the little black Jedi along. He was good and obviously enjoyed the adventure. At an arboretum in Dunkeld where we stayed, I walked him without a lead and he looked as happy as any dog could be. He’d wander off a few hundred meters away and every time he gets out of sight, I’d only have to call his name and he’d come running back to me. There was a lake surrounded by gorgeous trees against the backdrop of the mountains which make up the Grampians, which we could see from the veranda of our B&B. Walking Scruffy through the arboretum was such a soothing and de-stressing experience.

We got back in time to join a little party at Matt Ng’s home in Templestowe. It was a poolside BBQ and the 40degree heat was a big challenge but kiddo joined the other youngsters in the pool which must have been great. The rest of us were just eating and sipping cool drinks to cool off. Uncle Seng and Auntie Anne were back from Malaysia so it was good catching up with them. We got back a little after midnight.

New Year’s day was spent cleaning up to be ready for a dinner in our home. The Hii’s (Gerry and Jesslyn and little Sheanne) came over early to cook beef noodles (Singapore styled) and while waiting for the beef stock to slowly stew, we played cards and really enjoyed the day. Choy, Sharon and their kids came for dinner and we had a good time just talking and enjoying each other’s company.

On Sunday (2nd Jan) a few of us went out to lunch after church. There were 5 families and again, we had a really good time just talking. When we got back I mowed and tidied up the lawns. We trekked to PhillipIsland yesterday for a cruise to Seal Rocks to pay homage to the large Aussie Fur Seals. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the afternoon. A dinner in a local Thai restaurant rounded off a really good break.